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Our Recommended Solution: MANTIS 5

The MANTIS 5 is the perfect solution Vans. With up to five full 1080P cameras, 1TB hardrive backup SD memory and high speed 4G as standard. 


With the ability to add up to 5 Full HD 1080p cameras the MANTIS 5 is the perfect solution for a variety of vehicle types, from Vans to. Being able to accessorise the MANTIS 5 with solutions to obtain FORS Gold standard, is just one example of our unique system.

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What's Included in MANTIS 5?

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Front Camera

  • 1080P AHD or 1080 IP (Digital) Resolution
  • Windscreen mounted to prevent movement or obstruction
  • Located at either Top or Bottom of windscreen
  • Upgradeable to ADAS (Requires MANTIS IQ)
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Near / Off Side Camera

MANTIS side cameras come in a variety of options with both black & white as standard, fitted to the exterior sides of the vehicles.  Being able to tailor the solution to your requirements means the customer can get great quality imagery without compromising the exterior aesthetics of your truck.

  • 720P Side view camera
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Internal Camera

The MANTIS Internal Camera is mounted in the back of a Van and is in Full 1080p resolution and has Night Vision.  This has a number of benefits depending on Industry but include:

  • Safe Loading/ Unloading
  • Security and ensuring doors are locked
  • Monitoring Productivity 

Key Features:

  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • IP66
  • Mounted Vertically or Horizontally
  • Night Vision
  • 2MP Sensor
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Rear Camera

The MANTIS rear camera comes in 1080P AHD as standard. Fitted either high or low, this can be installed to rigid trucks, articulated lorries (looking down at the fifth wheel), or at the rear of a trailer (with additional Suzi) as part of our trailer extension kit.

  • 1080P resolution
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Driver Facing

Driver facing camera, this is particularly used as a driver facing camera to prove your drivers are not at fault if there is ever an incident.

Options in:

  • 720P AHD Resolution
  • 720IP (Digital)
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In-Cab Monitor

Adding a 7" In-cab monitor assists the driver when manoeuvring to prevent accidents.  Monitor is intelligently installed to connect with indicator and reverse gears. 

 Key Features:

  • 7 inches touch screen display
  • Supports for MDVR diagnosis and operation
  • Built-in speakers 
  • Built-in RFID module to sign in/out
  • Resolution 800*480

Benefits of installing MANTIS into your van

  • Reduce Insurance Costs

    MANTIS helps to prove non-fault claims using Evidence Centre, If MANTIS sense a serious event such as harsh breaking or severe cornering, footage is automatically uploaded to Evidence Centre and stored in the cloud. Helping you to see what really happened, in the event that your driver is not at fault. MANTIS is FORS compliant, and in some cases, Insurance companies will significantly reduce insurance premiums.

  • Productivity

    See your drivers in real time and prove deliveries were made with MANTIS. Ensure loading and unloading is completed safely, securely and efficiently, limiting any downtime between jobs and ensuring customers receive a high-quality service.

  • Collision Prevention

    With the ability to add on advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), this provides departure and forward collision warnings.

    Driver status monitoring (DSM) a driver facing camera, which identifies driver fatigue, use mobile phone and if the driver is smoking whilst driving.

    Both of these systems provide audible alerts that are uploaded to Evidence Centre

  • Enhance Customer Privacy

    MANTIS has the ability to remotely deactivate the recording of cameras once a vehicle enters a pre-selected location e.g. Customer Homes. Geofencing is also useful for schools and MOD sites.